Over the years, we’ve mastered some unique building techniques that have added value, comfort and durability to our client’s homes. We consider it our responsibility to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends, to ensure your original homes delight more than just the eye.

Radiant Floor Heating

Although North Americans are just starting to realize its benefits, radiant floor heating has been used successfully in Europe for over 50 years.

The concept is simple: warm water circulates through tubing that is buried in the floor, keeping the heat where it is needed most.  Building occupants are then comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, leading to a reduction in fuel costs of up to 40%.

Comfort and efficiency are two reasons North Americans are turning to radiant heat.  More conventional forms of heating address the heat loss of the structure while radiant floor systems address the heat loss of the human body.  Radiant floors take advantage of concrete's thermal mass: they absorb and store heat, then conduct it directly to the feet and to objects in the room that in turn re-radiate heat.

Radiant heat warms objects, not just the air. Air quality is also improved since there is no hot air blowing dust and allergens throughout the building.  Also, less air escapes each time windows or doors are opened.

A distinct advantage for the both comfort and efficiency of radiant floor heating is the ability to zone the heat, placing it exactly where it is wanted and needed.  Since the flexibility of these systems is increased due to zoning, they are especially well suited to retrofit or remodeling construction.

Concrete Forms

With concrete forms, modular blocks of expanded polystyrene create the forms into which concrete is poured.  After the concrete cures, the blocks stay in place to provide insulation for the walls of the home (inside and out).

Imagine the advantages of owning a solid, long lasting home featuring steel-reinforced concrete walls surrounded by 2 1/2 inch thick polystyrene, providing the equivalent of R50 insulation.  You’ll realize whisper quiet interiors, draft free and energy efficient radiant heat, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.  And of course, tremendous savings on heating and cooling costs year after year.